Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe

The Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe was established as a High Performance Center to connect the local research actors in the area of mobility systems across disciplines and institutions. The founding partners of the cluster are the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Fraunhofer-Institutes for Chemical Technology (ICT), for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB), for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) and for Mechanics of Materials (IWM), the Fraunhofer project group for New Drive Systems (NAS), Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA) and the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI).

Around this scientific core, the network is constantly expanded by including industrial partners ranging from SME to big corporations. The industrial partners are integrated in joint research projects in order facilitate a bidirectional exchange of knowledge between research institutions and industry, draw up research agendas, initiate joint project proposals and leverage synergetic potentials.


The Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe combines the technical, socio-technical and societal problem-solving abilities of all partners in the following focal topics:

  • Traffic and Mobility in a Changing Society
  • Urban Mobility
  • Interconnected Mobility
  • Automated Mobility
  • Electric and Hybrid-Electric Mobility
  • CO2-Neutral and Low-Emission Mobility with Internal Combustion Engines
  • Integrated Lightweight Design for Future Mobility

Further Information about the Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe can be accessed on the project website