Various research activities relating to the complete vehicle and in particular to the chassis and body of the vehicle are pooled under the “Chassis and Body” topic.

Topic Spokesperson

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Frank Gauterin


FCAMarkus Breig, KIT

It is focused on interactions of individual components in the vehicle as a mechatronic system. Methods are developed to handle systems interactions in the vehicle development process. Such methods require in-depth studies of the component behavior and physical mechanisms. Using the System of Systems approach, system properties and development of these systems are studied: Vehicle components and concepts for chassis, suspension, damping, steering, brakes, lights, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as the interaction between tires and road surfaces. Research also focuses on sensors, actors, optical and acoustical systems. This covers as well Human-Machine-Interfaces including driver assistance systems and operation. Therefor the topic focuses on concepts to improve noise, vibration, thermal comfort, vehicle dynamics, particle emissions, safety and security. Operational strategies as well as statusmonitoring and failure detection complement the research activities .
Thanks to their comprehensive, application-oriented work, the institutes working under the topic of “Chassis and Body” are attractive cooperation and research partners of industry. Multidisciplinary cooperation results in a systems competence that is hardly matched by other, also international universities in terms of depth and comprehensiveness.

Research Focus



Research in the topic deals with numerous different technologies and individual components that are necessary for the fulfillment of functions and the overall system. These technologies include:  Actors and Sensors, Optical Systems and Wireless EnergyTransmission, Lightweight Design, Materials & Structures, Road Surfaces, Tires and Brakes.

Methods & Processes

In addition to the further development of individual technologies, the researchers involved also deal with methods and processes in the development and testing process. The methods and processes used and constantly evolved include: Modeling & Simulation; fast, robust Tools, the AI-based Specification of Subsystems and Testing at various development stages and from the components to the overall vehicle level.


The technologies, methods and processes described above are used in various areas of application, fundamental considerations derive requirements for vehicle concepts in the respective application. In addition to the main levels of chassis and body, this also includes the area of operational strategies, status and failure detection, as well as safety & security.