Frühlingsakademie Nachhaltigkeit 2024 – Was ist nachhaltige Mobilität?

Starting on March 18th, the "Frühlingsakademie Nachhaltigkeit 2024" started and more than 150 students of all different disciplines had the opportunity to discuss the main question "What is sustainable mobility?".
GrünschlossZAK/Felix Grünschloss

Mobility does not only play a decisive role in participation in social life, but also poses challenges in terms of energy consumption, emissions, landscape and climate protection. How can mobility and the growing global demand for mobility services be implemented fairly and safely for everyone? How can the negative consequences of this development be significantly reduced at the same time? These and other questions were the focus of this year's "Frühlingsakademie Nachhaltigkeit".

Kicking off the "Frühlingsakademie Nachhaltigkeit" with a public keynote, as well as the so called "Forum Sustainability", four days of workshops, field trips as well as lots of interesting discussions started. Students of various disciplines had the opportunity to get a holistic view about current research activities within KIT concerning sustainable mobility but also had the chance to get to know different companies and their specific views and actions in order to realize a more sustaible mobility for everyone. A panel discussion concluded the "Frühlingsakademie Nachhaltigkeit".

Under the management of the "ZAK | Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale", the KIT Mobility Systems Center had the chance to contribute in designing the content. Thank you to everyone involved and especially to Mrs. Irene Wachtel and her team at the ZAK, making this event as successful as it was.

Pictures and Videos of the event can either be found directly at the ZAK homepage or on the ZAK's Youtube channel.